Vegetarians: Will You Cook Meat For Other People?

Vegetarians: Will You Cook Meat For Other People?

Joanna Miller
Mar 10, 2009

Here's a dilemma: You don't eat meat, but your friends/family/spouse/boyfriend/girlfriend love it. You love to cook, but they don't. To keep everyone happy, will you throw a burger on the grill next to your marinated portabellos? Brown up some ground beef or turkey for Sloppy Joes to serve alongside your Sloppy Fauxs?

Deciding to go vegetarian can be a very personal thing. For me, it was based in no small part on the fact that I've never really liked meat, so eating it halfheartedly once or twice a week seemed, ultimately, pretty silly. And while I don't love cooking meat, I'm happy to do it every once in a while in the name of good eating for all.

I usually go for a meat dish that's quick and/or easy and, frankly, doesn't require much handling. Ground beef or turkey that I can dump directly into the pan and brown up quickly. Or maybe something braised that I can sear with tongs and simmer away for hours. With both of these options, there's also not much chance of undercooking the meat, and that's important to me as a pretty inexperienced meat cook.

So does that make me a hypocrite? I don't think so. But obviously many vegetarians have much stronger views than mine and cooking meat might not be OK with them.

Let's hear from the vegetarians out there. Are you with me on this? Or do you think I'm nuts?

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(Image: Flickr user магулло, licensed under Creative Commons)

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