Vegetarian Thanksgiving Menu from Gourmet

(Image credit: Apartment Therapy)

For all the talk about the big Thanksgiving meal, very little is said for the vegetarians among us. It’s always about the turkey. The brining and the roasting and the carving and the drumsticks. Well, Gourmet has a great menu for a vegetarian feast, and not once dish involves sculpting tofu into the shape of a bird…

The mushroom and farro pie, above, is only the beginning. There are braised artichokes and potatoes with a roasted garlic gravy. It does feel a bit like a collection of sides, with no real standout as the main course (we’re guessing the farro pie plays that role), and filling the table with almost a dozen dishes seems like a lot of work. Salads and vegetables can be more time consuming (for the hands-on part, anyway) than a turkey.

We’re curious what you vegetarians are planning for Thanksgiving. Is this kind of menu helpful? Or do you plan a more hearty main dish? Either way, this slideshow offers some beautiful options to think about.

See the menu:

  • Earthly Pleasures, from (It’s the first of three vegetarian menus on the page, but the others are from year’s past.)

(Image: Jonny Valiant for Gourmet)