Vegetarian Meals That Can Be Frozen in Single Portions?

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Q: My mother recently had surgery and is now home from the hospital recovering. I am going home this weekend to visit her and I’m looking for some vegetarian and healthy, yet tasty meals to make for her that can be frozen and eaten as single servings.

Her taste is temporarily diminished so the meals should have a lot of flavor! Any suggestions?

Sent by Rachel

Editor: Rachel, best wishes to your mom for a speedy recovery! That is great you are going to make her some meals. As far as suggestions go, what about beans? We have been freezing layered containers of beans with stew and salsa on top. You could do this vegetarian-style, with a layer of beans, then vegetarian stew, then some chopped herbs or salsa on top of that. Freeze in a microwave-safe glass container, so all she has to do is warm it up. Here are a few sources for some bean recipes:

Readers, what else would you suggest to Rachel?

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