Vegetarian Dining: What Can You Do With Falafel Mix?

(Image credit: Apartment Therapy)

Falafel is already one of our favorite make-ahead meal solutions for weeknight dinners. But we recently got to wondering what else we might be able to do with the pre-made mix besides cook it and stuff it in a pita. Any ideas?

We found a few great ideas from the folks at Falafel Republic, who sell pre-made falafel in the natural food sections of many major grocery stores. They suggest adding rounds of falafel to salads for extra protein, toasting it with mozzarella for a veggie “meatball” sub, and adding it to an Indian-style curry.

Whether you make your own falafel, buy a mix, or pick it up pre-made from someone like Falafel Republic, falafel is makes a fantastic meatless main course.

Do you have any ideas for using falafel mix for quick meals?