Vegetable Choppers Are Having a Moment — Here Are 7 Favorites That’ll Make Meal Prep a Breeze

published Nov 15, 2023
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Caught up in the day-to-day grind, it can be tough to make the time for meal prepping. Sure, meal prep sounds good in theory, but (at least for me!) when the day winds down, my couch calls my name. That’s where vegetable slicers step in, and if you haven’t scrolled past them on TikTok, trust me, they’re the secret ingredient to making meal prep way more enjoyable. These handy tools are not just about saving time — they also turn the whole prepping process into a laid-back, no-stress experience. Imagine breezing through slicing, chopping, and dicing veggies with zero sweat (and no onion-induced watery eyes!). You can bid farewell to the old-school way of chopping with a knife and cutting board — or save that for the weekend, when you have time — and say hello to a smoother, more enjoyable weeknight cooking experience. Ready to explore the world of top-notch vegetable slicers? Let’s dive in and discover the game-changing convenience they bring to your kitchen.

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This multitasking tool with four stainless-steel blades can chop, spiralize, slice, and dice. Each blade is razor-sharp and is easy to swap in and out. It's a time-saver with easy cleanup! “The best part is that no matter what blade you’re using, the 1.2-liter container neatly catches everything, so you won’t even have to dirty a bowl,” writes contributor Erin Cavoto.

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Effortlessly chop fruits, veggies, and more with this versatile chopper! The removable grid makes cleaning a breeze, and the non-slip base ensures stability. Designed for quick, mess-free pouring and efficient chopping, this compact tool is a kitchen must-have.

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This standing mandoline from Dash — an editor-loved brand — is stylish and functional and lets you slice and dice effortlessly. It's compact enough to store away and will upgrade your salad or sheet pan meal game in minutes.

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This manual food processor is a time-saving gem, offering precise control over food size through its adjustable pull string. Designed with convenience in mind, it efficiently chops onions and garlic without the usual tears and smell — a true game-changer.

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Meet your new sidekick, the 200-watt food chopper! It breezes through mincing, chopping, grinding, and blending, turning meal prep into a piece of cake. Perfect for tackling garlic, onion, spices, nuts, and whatever else you throw at it. Plus, the power head is designed to be super easy to handle — making it even more enjoyable.

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Williams Sonoma

This mini processor is small but mighty. Ideal for one to two servings, it smooths out sauce bases and makes hummus, dips, and salsas with its chop-and-grind functions. It does a bit of everything, and its compact size doesn't limit its capabilities. "I’ve even used it to emulsify mayo and salad dressings!" says senior editor Ian, who tested the processor himself.

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This garlic zoom is a time-saving, high-quality tool that effortlessly minces garlic without the mess. Simply roll it back and forth on a smooth surface for fine or coarse chops (rolling more makes it fine and rolling less makes it coarse). Plus, it's easy to clean, just toss it in the dishwasher!