Vegan & Spring-ish: Baked Risotto with Almond Asparagus

(Image credit: Apartment Therapy)

We don’t generally think of risotto as a vegan dish. (All that mascarpone…) But it is actually a great dish for vegans, as demonstrated by this baked risotto from Veggie num num. And just to make it that much more tantalizing, it’s paired with a spring dish of asparagus, green beans, and spinach tossed with almonds and Dijon. Yum!

The baked risotto itself is a bit of a misnomer, as it is basically just rice baked with orange juice and vegetable stock. There’s no stirring or painstaking stock-ladling involved. But we know from experience that these oven-baked risotto dishes are just as delicious and savory as the ones made on the top of the stove. In fact, we have been enjoying this type of baked rice dish quite a lot lately!

And that dish of spring vegetables is just too delicious to pass up; we’re trying this soon!

Get the recipe: Baked Risotto w/ Tossed Green Veggies at Veggie num num

Do you ever make vegan risotto? What do you put in it?

(Image: Trudy of Veggie num num)