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These Vegan Snickers Bars Have No Added Sugar and Only Use 5 Ingredients

published Nov 9, 2022
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It doesn’t matter how old I get, I find it very hard to turn down sweet treats. Since I’m vegan, however, I sometimes don’t have many options, if a plant-based version isn’t available. Case in point: candy bars in grocery stores.

Though I do wish there were more vegan candy options on the shelves, luckily — if finding them in popular grocery stores is a problem for you, too — you can make your own! 

Created by Jovana of @waytohealthkitchen, this recipe for Vegan Snickers has me ready to indulge my sweet tooth in total bliss. Not only are these easy-to-make candy bars vegan, they’re also free of gluten and refined sugar. The best part? You won’t have to gather many ingredients to make the scrumptious treat — and they’re probably already in your kitchen!

Start by gathering your ingredients for both layers of the candy bar: cashews, Medjool dates, vanilla extract, salt, crunchy or creamy nut butter (almond or hazelnut if avoiding peanut butter), peanuts, and melted chocolate. Soak 2 cups of the dates in boiling water for 30 minutes. This will be used for the second layer, but it will save time if you start the process first. 

Next, combine the crust ingredients (cashews, remainder of dates, vanilla extract, and salt) in a blender or food processor, blending well. Next, line a dish with parchment paper and then evenly spread the mixture onto it. Let this set in the freezer while you work on the next layer. 

Transfer the now-soaked dates into a food processor or blender. Pulse until a paste is created before pouring into a bowl. Add your nut butter (Jovana cautions that those who choose to use peanut butter should use only aflatoxin-free peanut butter) and optional pinch of salt. If you want a crunch, add chopped nuts without blending. If you don’t care for a crunchy texture, combine the dates and nut butter all together and blend them. Pour the batter on top of the first layer — ensuring that the peanuts are spread around — and freeze for a few hours or overnight.

As a last step, melt your favorite chocolate on the mixture to get the full Snickers-like experience. You might want to add some coconut oil to the chocolate and then put the bars in the freezer again to set for around 15 minutes. While they’re delicious enough to have on their own, you can also try enjoying these chocolate bars with a cold, creamy glass of oat milk.

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