This Wildly Popular Recipe Turns Carrots into “Bacon” in Just 10 Minutes

updated Apr 23, 2020
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Shaved carrots
Credit: Tim Hawley/Getty Images

Tabitha Brown’s soothing voice, honest energy, and smart cooking ideas have earned her tons of fame across social media. She’s a vegan advocate and has managed to convince companies to make big changes, including getting Whole Foods to add her vegan sandwich to in-store menus a few years ago. Now she’s in the spotlight again for a video she made where she turns carrots into bacon.

With simple, clear instructions and plenty of personality, the first-person-angle video on TikTok shows her peeling carrots into thin strips before she mixes up a marinade of liquid smoke, maple syrup, garlic powder, smoked paprika, and onion powder. She puts the carrot strips in the mixture and lets them soak for a few minutes. Then, she sticks the carrots into an air fryer at 380 degrees for five minutes.

“Lets check the crunch” she says before biting into one of the carrots strips. “Listen real good.” It crackles just like you would expect extra-crispy thin bacon. “Yup,” she confirms.

In a second video on TikTok, Brown demonstrates one option for what to do with all those delicious crispy carrot strips: Make it into a BLT wrap. With a roasted sun-dried tomato wrap spread with mayonnaise, she piles up microgreens, dill pickles, red onions, and tomatoes — and then last minute adds on avocado.

While we’re mesmerized by the crispy carrot “bacon,” it’s really Brown’s calm enthusiasm that makes both of these videos so enjoyable. Her energy is something we could all use more of right now. She’s excited about what she’s making, but she also encourages everyone to do what they want to — add more of this, make more of that — in a way that is both reassuring and freeing. And did we mention how amazing her nails are?