A Vegan Bride Uninvited Her Omnivore Guests to Her Wedding

updated Apr 30, 2019
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There is hardly a more stressful time in a person’s life than the months leading up to his or her wedding. Who among us has not experienced even the secondhand strain of trying to create an epic party that is both memorable, romantic, and embodies a couple’s strongly-held beliefs about life and love? In perhaps that regard one might sympathize with the vegan bride who recently went viral because she decided to uninvite all the guests who eat meat to her wedding. But her approach can also be seen as a little extreme.

The woman in question (who has not been identified) posted about her plight to a Facebook group called Vegan Revolution. The post quickly went viral. In it, she wrote, “We don’t want to host murderers at our wedding which is supposed to be the happiest day of our lives.” Later she wrote that she didn’t want to mediate interactions between her family and her vegan friends, because the former apparently is known to bully and “attack” other vegans.

According to ABC7, the bride asked any omnivores who intended on joining the festivities if they would be willing to permanently give up animal products. Apparently many refused — which is, by the way, totally reasonable — and their invitations were promptly rescinded. The bride’s mother and two cousins who planned to serve as bridesmaids were among those asked to not show up.

Here’s my question: If her belief in veganism as a righteous cause is so strong, why did she ask meat-eaters not just to attend, but to be part of her bridal party, in the first place? Uninviting people she professed to care about just seems needlessly cruel and dramatic.

The sentiment seems to be echoed by at least one person claiming to be a member of the bride’s family, who joined in the fray on the Facebook post. She claims that she had already picked out her bridesmaid dress, and expressed shock and sadness that the bride ejected her from the wedding. She also wrote that no one in her family has ever attacked the bride for being vegan, verbally or otherwise. Sounds like a tough situation for this family, and I hope they can bounce back, and that the bride’s wedding is everything she dreamed of, even if she refuses to allow her own relatives to celebrate with her.