Valentine’s Day Treats That Travel Well?

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I actually have some cupcakes in the freezer that just need some frosting, and was thinking of using those. Should I bother baking ahead of time? Should I bring ingredients for the frosting and assemble them there? (I’d also have to bring a hand mixer.) Should I just bring cookies or something easier to transport? Or is this a pipe dream and I should just treat him to cupcakes at Magnolia? I want to do something special, and if he were coming to Boston I’d be able to make something lovely and romantic, but I also don’t want to bring him a box of crumbs.

Sent by Katya

Editor: Katya, I wouldn’t want to tote along my hand mixer or run around buying ingredients on a romantic weekend. But I also wouldn’t want to give up on a special homemade dessert. How about bringing a more portable treat like dessert bars? You could make these pretty pink cranberry curd bars, or any of the other bars linked to below, and cut them into heart shapes for a special treat:

Perfectly Portable: Dessert Bars
Recipe: Cranberry Curd Bars with Walnut Shortbread Crust
Readers, what’s your advice? Do you have any other ideas for special treats that travel well?