The Best Vacuums (and Other Tools!) for Cleaning Up Pet Hair, According to Groomers

published Mar 3, 2022
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For most pet owners, dealing with fur and hair all over the house is just part of the deal. As a dog owner myself, I always seem to be covered in corgi “glitter.” I’ve accepted a lifetime of furry leggings and tumblehairs under the couch. But there is one place I really don’t want to discover the products of my doggo’s constant shedding: the kitchen. 

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Cedar loves sniffing my pot lids, apparently?

Finding pet hair in your soup is gross, even if it’s your own pet. To stay on top of the fluff, I regularly brush my dog, Cedar (in the photo above!). I also Swiffer daily and use a hand-vac at least once a day. All things considered, my solutions are pretty simple and very low-tech. Which made me wonder, are there better ways or products to tackle pet fur in the kitchen? I decided to consult professional groomers to find out — and lucky us, they shared their favorite tools of the trade.

1. Invest in a solid vacuum cleaner.

There are hundreds of vacuum cleaners to choose from, so which one is the leader of the pack? “Honestly, I have tried many other vacuums, and the Bissell PowerLifter Swivel Pet Vacuum Cleaner has by far been the best. I’m genuinely not sure why, but it’s been a game-changer,” says Melissa Cooper, the owner of Good Dog! Grooming in Morrisville, Vermont. I’m betting the pet odor filter and brush roller with silk-like bristles may have something to do with it.

Gabriel Feitosa, a San Diego-based pro pet groomer and TikTok star, gives high marks to Dyson’s V15 Detect+ vacuum cleaner. “The high torque head with an anti-tangle comb effectively clears fur from the brush bar,” he says. (Note: This means you won’t have to deal with the dreaded hair wrap.) “It picks up dog hair fast with just a few passes, and the cordless feature makes cleanup easy.” At more than $900, Feitosa knows this vacuum carries a hefty price tag. “If you’re on a budget and dog fur all over the home is your main concern, the Dyson Cyclone V10 is $200 cheaper alternative and still does a fantastic job.”

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2. Or opt for a convenient robot vac.

Are robot vacuums expensive? Yes. Are they worth it? Absolutely yes, according to Cooper. She has an e5 from iRobot Roomba, the original brand of robo-vac and runs it once every day. It takes a few trial runs for robot vacs to become truly efficient, as they “learn” your home’s layout, but they’re worth the patience and effort. You can also program them to run while you’re out of the house and troubleshoot with an app from your phone. Just note: They may scare your pet …

3. Keep up with a trusty lint brush.

By cutting down on furry tufts all over the house, you’ll stop them from migrating into your cooking zone. Cooper reaches for the OXO Furlifter Furniture Brush tool to remove fur from her couch. I also happen to love this brush and keep one on my kitchen counter, right by the garage door. Swiping it over my clothes is the last thing I do, before leaving the house. 

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4. Spray with a gentle all-purpose cleaner.

Giving your countertops, table, and other surfaces a proper wipe-down regularly is key to keeping your kitchen fur-free and sanitary. Cooper likes Method’s all-purpose cleaners. It’s hardworking, but gentle enough for the kitchen (and your furry friend). It’s also one of my personal favorites, too. (While it comes in a variety of scents, I like the French lavender one best.)

Feitosa loves Blueland’s eco-conscious surface cleaner for all of the other messy business. “It’s made without ammonia, VOCs, and chlorine bleach, so it is much safer to use around your pets,” Feitosa explains. Even better, he says, “The bottle looks chic and is reusable. The cleaner refills come in backyard compostable packaging.”

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5. Take your furry friend for regular grooming.

I wasn’t surprised to learn that most of these pros consider regular grooming to be a crucial tactic for stopping the fur from flying. Cooper grooms her own dogs once a month, but you may find your animal needs more or less, depending on fur type, activity level, and the time of year.

Feitosa agrees: “The best way to keep hair from falling on the floor is to brush it right off your dog!” So what’s the best tool for the job? “The Andis Slicker Brush detangles and removes the dead coat while the Hydra Dematting Spray moisturizes it. This makes the process extra comfortable for your pup,” he says. If you need a little incentive to groom your pets, remember that it doesn’t have to be a boring chore: This charming work of art from Feitosa’s TikTok feed is proof.

How do you keep your kitchen free of pet hair? Tell us in the comments below.