This Vacuum-Seal Hack Is Ridiculously Simple and Uses Two Things You Already Have

published Mar 4, 2022
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Writing on a ziploc bag with grease pencil

Cookies are delicious, but fresh-baked cookies are absolutely sublime. Prepping and freezing pre-portioned balls of cookie dough means you’re just minutes away from a hot, gooey cookie at all times. And properly prepping the dough so that it doesn’t freeze into one large lump is key.

To that end, Sarah Crawford of Broma Bakery posted an Instagram Reel showcasing a vacuum-sealing hack. Captioned “HUMAN VACUUM SEALS UNITE,” Sarah showcases how she’s able to have hot, fresh-out-of-the-oven cookies on demand — and without the dough losing its freshness. First, she makes a batch of cookie dough and rolls it into individual balls. Then she places three balls of cookie dough into a zip-top bag. “I want to make sure that they each have distance between them,” she said.

Next, she mostly seals the bag, leaving a small portion at one of the ends unzipped. “I know this looks weird, but we’re gonna be a human vacuum seal,” Sarah said. She puts her mouth over the small opening and sucks the air out of the bag. It’s that easy. “Don’t come for me in the comments, this is perfectly sanitary,” she said.

On the Reel, some of her followers commented that they use straws (metal and recyclable) to achieve a similar effect. One user offered an alternative method: Freezing the cookie dough balls on a baking sheet, not touching, then putting them in a freezer bag. While this method could work for plenty of goods you’re planning to freeze, if you’re vacuum-sealing raw meat, Sarah recommends using an actual vacuum sealer like the Zwilling Fresh & Save.

We love the simplicity of this hack, and the fact that it means we don’t necessarily need to spend big bucks on a vacuum sealer. Having ready-to-bake cookies has never been easier.