Vacation Souvenirs: Look For Local Cookware!

(Image credit: Apartment Therapy)

We often come back from vacation itching to recreate the meals we’ve just enjoyed in our own kitchens. Besides spices, salts, and unusual local ingredients, something else we can pick up to inspire our cooking back home is unique cookware! Have you acquired any special pots or pans on your travels?

Cookware can be just as essential a component for making an authentic regional dish as the ingredients themselves. Kitchen equipment like Mexican comals and the special rice steamers used in much of Southeast Asian cooking are tailor-made for their specific cuisines. This cookware can be hard to find or expensive to buy back in the United States.

We also think that it’s nice to have a souvenir that will stay in our kitchen and get used to cook delicious meals for years to come. They look beautiful displayed on a shelf and become interesting conversation starters for visitors to your kitchen!

Do you look for regional cookware when traveling?

(Image: Flickr member The Wandering Angel licensed under Creative Commons)