Useful Gadgets: Oven Rack Push Pull

(Image credit: Apartment Therapy)

We believe it’s a good idea to keep kitchen gadgets to a minimum. There’s nothing worse than a kitchen that’s stuffed with useless gizmos. However, every so often, someone comes along and invents something that actually is quite useful.

The wooden oven push-pull is a gadget anyone who has ever repeatedly burned themselves on the oven rack by getting too close, using a moist dishtowel, or trying to squeeze in something without fully pulling out the rack, will love. We also like it because it’s all wood – no plastic in sight.

With the notch carved into the base of the adjuster you can pull out the hot oven rack, with a generous twelve inches of clearance between your epidermis and the offending hot metal. To push the rack back in, use the other notch at the end of the push-pull.

  • Active Forever, a site with products for people with physical challenges, sells a push-pull for $8.50.

  • The Spoon Man makes a beautiful push-pull, with a string for hanging for $4.00.

  • Myrtlewood Gallery features two different push-pulls, one for $6.00 and one for $8.00.