Tip: Use Wax Paper To Help Loosen Sticky Drawers

Tip: Use Wax Paper To Help Loosen Sticky Drawers

Sarah Rae Smith
Aug 4, 2010

It's easy to feel like your kitchen is a little lack luster when small things start to go wrong. For instance, maybe your cabinet drawers aren't sliding as well as they used to? They stick and slide funny, making their use and access to their contents almost impossible. Well call off the contractors, all you need is a little wax paper to eliminate sticky drawers, well that and a healthier diet, bah dum ching.

When your drawers get sticky and stop sliding like they used to, instead of busting out sprays or sticky waxes that can get on the contents or the drawer itself, try pulling out a little wax paper. We know you have some. It comes in huge rolls and you never need that much, so dig way to the back of the cabinet — ooh, there it is!

Tear off a 6" strip and fold it down to a size that fits in your palm, waxy sides facing out. Rub it along the tracks, wheels and even screws that make up the glides for your drawers. The small amount of wax will transfer over and keep you from pulling your hair out and help you maintain that your work space isn't half bad after all.

Sometimes fixing the smallest things can change our entire outlook on our spaces!

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Image: Flickr member aflier licensed for use by Creative Commons

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