Using This Word in Your Dating Profile Will Get You More Dates

published Nov 30, 2017
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Sharing meals is a big part of being in a romantic relationship with someone, and it looks like expressing an interest in food is one of the most attractive things a person can do when online dating. Food is sexy, and mentioning certain specific foods can get a person a ton more responses on an online dating site. Chocolate and sushi are great, but if you really want to attract people’s attention, the best food to mention is guacamole.

The experts at Zoosk analyzed 3.7 million dating profiles and more than 364 million first messages to see how food affected people’s romantic interactions. They also surveyed 7,000 people about their thoughts on food and romance. The results were pretty conclusive: Mentioning food on a dating profile makes a person more attractive.

Guacamole is the most attractive food, by far. People who mention guacamole in their online dating profiles get 144 percent more messages than average. I’ll buy that. People adore guacamole. It’s rich and flavorful, and everybody loves avocados right now. If your plans for the day include guacamole, you’re probably going to have a good time.

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“Food preferences do have an impact on how we interact with each other romantically,” Zoosk says. “And for the most part, any time food and romance come together, it’s very positive.”

Some of the most attractive foods on their list are pretty surprising, though. After guacamole, the next most attractive foods are potatoes and chocolate. People who mention either of those foods get 100 percent more messages than average. Chocolate is a traditional “sexy food,” especially when melted, but potatoes? Apparently people find potatoes very attractive. That’s useful information to have.

People really want their dates to be interested in food. Calling yourself a “foodie” in an online dating profile increases messages by 82 percent. Mentioning the word “cook” gets 26 percent more messages.

In fact, there are only two food words a person should not include in an online dating profile: yams and fried chicken.

Yams and fried chicken are both delicious, but talking about them in an online dating profile makes people less likely to message you. Zoosk says yams are the most unattractive food by far. I don’t know what delicious, starchy yams ever did to anybody, but mentioning yams in an online dating profile decreases incoming messages by 70 percent. Mentioning fried chicken decreases messages by 15 percent.

It sounds like the fastest way to a person’s heart really is through the stomach, and that makes a lot of sense. A romantic relationship involves a lot of shared meals, so finding someone with similar tastes in food could make dating a whole lot more fun.