Use This Milk-to-Egg Ratio for Foolproof Quiche

updated Aug 15, 2023
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Credit: Kelli Foster

Quiche is one of those perfect dishes that’s great morning, noon, or night. Whether you love the classic quiche Lorraine, or you’re a fan of throwing whatever is in the refrigerator into one, you can’t deny its versatility and deliciousness. At its core, the ingredients are simple — pie crust, eggs, milk or cream, and favorite fillings. The key to getting your quiche just right is the custard, and this means having the correct milk to egg ratio.

It’s essential to have just enough eggs to set the dairy, but not so many that the quiche becomes rubbery. When your quiche comes out of the oven, you want to see a little wobble. The wobble is the telltale sign of creamy, silky-smooth custard in every bite. Once you have this quiche milk to egg ratio memorized you won’t even need to look up a recipe (although, we do have this essential quiche recipe on hand if you need it!).

Quick Overview

What’s the Perfect Quiche Ratio?

The best quiche ratio is 1 large egg to 1/2 cup of dairy. The ratio of the fat content from the dairy and the protein from the eggs determine the custard’s final texture. The egg proteins bond to form a soft gel-like texture, while the dairy gives the quiche a creamy flavor.

A Foolproof Formula for Perfect Quiche Every Time

So how do you get a quiche with a smooth, creamy custard? It all comes down to this foolproof formula. Remember this formula and you’ll be rewarded with a perfect quiche.

Quiche Ratio: 1 large egg to 1/2 cup of dairy

This ratio, at its heart, is 1 part egg to 2 parts dairy, by weight. A standard large egg weighs two ounces and 1/2 cup of dairy (whole milk) is four ounces, therefore a handy 1:2 ratio!

You’ll need to increase the amount of eggs and milk based on the size of your quiche, so knowing the basic ratio makes it really easy to scale up or down.

For a standard 9-inch quiche:

  • Use 3 large eggs (6 ounces)
  • 1 1/2 cups of whole milk or cream (12 ounces)

This will fill the crust (or the pan itself, if you prefer a crustless quiche).

What kind of dairy should I use for quiche?

The dairy can be whole milk or anything with more fat than that, like half-and-half, cream, or a mix. The fat content of the dairy will affect how thick and firm (or, conversely, how wobbly) the custard will be after baking.