Use this Feta Pesto Three Different WaysDash & Bella

(Image credit: Apartment Therapy)

We first read about the blog Dash & Bella over on Ohdeedoh, and once we took a look, we were so charmed by Phyllis Grant’s approachable recipes, beautiful photography, and sweet anecdotes about her kids helping out in the kitchen. Lately she’s had a thing for pesto.

Multi-use pesto, to be exact. Grant isn’t timid about whipping almost anything (frozen corn from last summer plus lima beans… broccoli, kale, and walnuts… ) into a pesto and using it in various creative ways, from a topping for pasta to a schmear on a piece of meat.

We particularly liked the look of this rich, colorful feta pesto, full of sun-dried tomatoes, pine nuts, and parsley. It reminded us of this, one of our favorite go-to appetizers. Grant uses it on crusty bread, in pasta, and as the base of a lovely root vegetable tart.

We can also imagine it stuffed into a chicken breast- overall an easy thing to have on hand for a quick, no-fuss dinner.

Multi-Use Feta Pesto from Dash & Bella

What’s your favorite use for pesto?

(Images: Phyllis Grant)