People Are Just Discovering This Not-So-Hidden Salt Shaker Feature, and Everyone Is Speechless

published Jun 2, 2023
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Salt and pepper shakers
Credit: Tetra Images / Getty Images

Have you ever noticed the tiny ridges on the bottom of a salt shaker? Me neither, and after 35 years of being alive, the old saying, “you learn something new every day,” could not be more relevant. If you have a salt shaker in your kitchen, it’s likely that when needed, you’ve grabbed that shaker and given it a good shake until the desired amount of salt comes out. During the process, you probably also noticed how the shaker would need to be readjusted to allow more salt to fall out of the holes due to the shaker being held upside down. Well, because of a video by @InstaHomeHacks, it is now painfully obvious that those little ridges on the bottom of the salt shaker actually do serve a purpose. 

Thanks to chef Paco Almeida, the video showcases how to properly use a salt shaker. And I, for one, am completely mind-blown. The trick? Flip your shaker upside down, grab a utensil, and scrape it across the ridges on the bottom of the shaker. Like water, salt will consistently flow right out of the salt shaker. 

One commenter, who was shocked by the realization, exclaimed, “Wow my life is renewed,” while another asked, “So they aren’t for salt shaker traction control then?”

While I am prone to believe that this hack isn’t necessarily a time saver, nor is it any easier than just shaking the salt shaker like I’ve always done, I do appreciate learning the specific purposes of product packaging. Sometimes, the line between the proper way to do something and the easy way gets blurred, and in cases like this, it’s totally OK in my opinion. Plus, if I use this trick, then I no longer get to hum Outkast’s “Hey-Ya!” while I shake it like a salt shaker. Clearly, I’m just trying to keep my priorities straight in this crazy world.

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