Cake Decorating Idea: Use Cake Pops To Create A Polka-Dot Masterpiece!

published Jul 12, 2012

A few years back Cake Pops took the world by storm. (To this day it’s still one of the most popular recipes on our website!) If you’re a fan, check out this creative way to put these tasty creations to use decorating another cake… on the inside!

The cake decorators at the blog Once Upon A Pedestal are known for their amazing designs. This one in particular uses white cake mix, a little food coloring (though you could use natural if you’re opposed) and a two-step process to get the look above. Although they use a cake pop maker, you can make your own, but the rest of the process should be easy!

Get The Recipe: Polka Dot Cake from Once Upon A Pedestal

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