Use a Pegboard as an Herb Garden

published Mar 23, 2017
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(Image credit: Devon Jarvis)

Those of you with a green thumb know that growing an herb garden in the kitchen can be tricky — especially if space is limited. Put a few pots on your windowsill and they’re just begging to be knocked over. Put ’em too close the range and they’ll wilt faster than you can chop ’em.

But hang them on a pegboard and, well, you’ve got the perfect solution. See, on a pegboard, they’re totally out of the way, they can be positioned to get just the right amount of sun, and they become instant wall art.

Build your basic pegboard

3 Tips for Turning a Pegboard into an Herb Garden

(Image credit: Devon Jarvis)

1. Create a workspace.

Use two 10-inch pegboard hooks to hang a shelf along the bottom of your pegboard. Pick up some wood at your local hardware store and have them cut it down to size before you paint it. This shelf will be big enough to become your little workstation for planting and harvesting the herbs.

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(Image credit: Devon Jarvis)

2. Hang some planters.

This is obviously key in an herb garden. We used these little white hanging vases because they were cute and super easy to hang: We just put an S-hook through the hole in the back and added it to the pegboard. Just be sure to leave a little bit of room between each planter so that you have room to water and pull off what you need.

What to plant? We used thyme, basil, rosemary, oregano, sage, and mint.

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3. Don’t forget the tools.

Keep everything you could possibly need — seeds, extra planters, a mister, gloves, twine, scissors, etc. — on the board and it becomes a one-stop service station for indoor gardening.

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There’s nothing a pegboard can’t do. A pegboard as a spice rack? Easy! A pegboard as a coffee station? Adorable! The possibilities are endless. Follow along in our new mini series to see a pegboard used eight different ways.