Use a Pegboard as a Spice Rack

published Mar 14, 2017
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(Image credit: Devon Jarvis)

The pegboard is a utilitarian yet ingenious way to organize so many things in the kitchen without using precious cupboard or drawer space. Just ask Julia Child; she was a big fan. But while you may have seen Julia’s copper pans on her pegboard, there are so many other ways to use one.

Take spices, for instance. You certainly need spices (can you imagine a pasta sauce without spices? No thanks!) — you just don’t need them taking up valuable real estate in your kitchen. Instead, build a home for them on your wall with a pegboard.

Build your basic pegboard

(Image credit: Devon Jarvis)

How to Turn a Pegboard into a Spice Rack

1. Hang a spice rack on it.

File this under the “duh” category. If you want to use a pegboard as a spice rack, you’re gonna need tiny shelves to hold spice jars. Luckily, spice racks don’t weigh a ton (even when they’re loaded up), so they’re pegboard-friendly. And the universe offers tons of wall-hanging options, which can easily go on a pegboard.

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2. Don’t overcrowd it.

Put too many things around your spice jars and, before you know it, there’s some sort of domino effect where you’re knocking everything over in one fell swoop. Keep things to a minimum (just hang the spices you use religiously) and you’ll even find that you have room for decorative items like a planter and your handy measuring spoons.

(Image credit: Devon Jarvis)

3. Add a shelf for frequently-used items.

Add a little shelf and you’ll find you have space for bigger items that won’t fit on a standard spice rack. We used ours for a cruet of olive oil, two types of salt (a must in any kitchen), and a pepper grinder.

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There’s nothing a pegboard can’t do. A pegboard as a spice rack? Easy! A pegboard as a kitchen command center? Adorable! The possibilities are endless. Follow along in our new mini series to see a pegboard used eight different ways.

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