Use a Pegboard as a Kitchen Cabinet

published Mar 16, 2017
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(Image credit: Devon Jarvis)

If you don’t find yourself with a ton of under-the-counter storage space, you might not be sure where to store all your pots and pans — and all those godforsaken lids that are constantly tumbling over. The best solution? Take it all to the wall and organize your dinner-making supplies on a pegboard.

Build your basic pegboard

3 Tips for Turning a Pegboard into a Kitchen Cabinet

(Image credit: Devon Jarvis)

1. Hang a lid rack.

A pegboard is the perfect place to hang one of those wall-mounted lid racks. On their own, they can look cold and industrial, but hanging on a painted pegboard? Well, it just looks downright cute. And because it’s part of a bigger installation, you’ll probably be less likely to bump into it. Simply hang it from the top with an S-hook or two.

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(Image credit: Devon Jarvis)

2. Be creative with baskets.

We decided to add some textiles to this pegboard for two reasons: Because napkin storage is also a problem for people who don’t have a ton of kitchen drawers, and because we knew the linens would soften the look up a bit. To include them, we hung a wire basket from its bottom with an S-hook and then piled napkins inside. It’s a basket that’s a shelf!

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(Image credit: Devon Jarvis)

3. Add a magnetic knife rack.

You have to mount a magnetic knife rack into a wall anyway, so why not do it through a pegboard? Just make sure your screws are long enough to go through the pegboard and make it into the wall. Then, slide the rack onto the screw heads and stick up your knives.

Note: If you want to hang a bunch of cast iron skillets and heavier pans, be sure to use metal anchors (instead of plastic ones) that can handle the weight.

There’s nothing a pegboard can’t do. A pegboard as a spice rack? Easy! A pegboard as a kitchen command center? Adorable! The possibilities are endless. Follow along in our new mini series to see a pegboard used eight different ways.

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