Use A Muffin Tin For Better Bread Crusts

(Image credit: Apartment Therapy)

We’ve been pretty into our bread baking this winter. A fresh loaf with a crispy crust, just waiting to be pulled apart and dunked into our favorite soups — well there’s just nothing like it. Though we don’t own a baking stone, but we have perfect crust each and every time with this simple tip!

It’s not that we have anything against a baking stone, it’s actually been on our list of “items to be purchased” for quite some time, we’ve just never gotten around to it for whatever reason.

A stone in combination with a steamy oven creates the ultimate texture for your bread. The two are like peas and carrots or any other paired food analogy. To get around our lack of stone, we’ve been using a muffin tin instead. Instead of putting water in a more traditional vessel (say a pyrex baking dish or roasting pan), we’ve been using muffin tins.

Because there’s more metal in contact with water, the end result is a super-charged steamy oven. So much in fact, we had to photograph our oven before it even came up to temperature, otherwise we’d steam up our camera lens! We bake our loaves on a traditional sheet pan and with it’s trip through our oven-turned-sauna, it’s just the boost they need to have the “super-flaky-i-want-to-eat-it-right-now” perfect crust, usually achieved with a stone.

So if you’re stone-less, don’t let it hold you back from bread making, there’s loaves for every skill level, here’s a few of our faovrites: