Urban Rooftop Dinner Party with Friends Dream Dinner Party

(Image credit: Apartment Therapy)

There’s something about being somewhere you’re not quite supposed to be that really attracts us – like the unfinished rooftop of our apartment building! It takes us out of our normal routine, changes our perspective, and adds just the slightest hint of danger. Yes, the rooftop overlooking the city is exactly where I’d stage my dream dinner party, just as night falls and the lights start to flicker on.

The Scene – A rooftop with a good view of the city on a warm summer evening, a table set with vases of flowers and votive candles, and strings of white twinkly lights all around.

The People – Ten people is our ideal guest count for a dinner party. Conversations seem to flow naturally around the table with this number and no one feels left out. I’d love to have all my best friends around that table, no matter where they live or how far they’d have to travel.

The Menu – We’d keep it simple and fresh. We also like serving dishes family style to help people relax and encourage lots of excellent conversations between people who don’t know each other.

To Start
• Mussels steamed in white wine with a sprinkling of fresh herbs – served in big pots down the center of the table to share.
• Crusty loaves of baguette – each guest tearing off a piece as they need it (crumbs for the pigeons)
• Plates of interesting cheeses
• Gin gimlets made with fresh lime juice and ginger simple syrup

Main Dishes
• Grilled steaks – well-marbled and grilled to order, of course
• Tossed green salad with toasted almonds, goat cheese, and dates
• Roasted new potatoes with herb butter
• More crusty baguette for everyone
• A crisp pinot grigio and a mellow fruity malbec

• Clafouti made with fresh cream and tart berries
• Tiny glasses of apple ice wine
• Plenty of bourbon and brandy to carry the conversation well into the night

What’s your dream dinner party?

Special thanks to Jordan Ferney at Oh Happy Day for putting my dream into reality, and then taking lovely photos! Thank you!

(Images: Jordan Ferney, Flickr member avlxyz licensed under Creative Commons, and Nora Maynard)