6 Surprising Foods You Can Buy at Urban Outfitters

updated May 1, 2019
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(Image credit: Urban Outfitters)

ICYMI: Urban Outfitters has a lot more to offer than graphic tees and cute jewelry. In addition to great clothes and accessories, the store sells trendy skincare products, gorgeous furniture, and fun office supplies. And if you look closely at Urban Outfitter’s “Wellness” section, you’ll find plenty of vitamins, healing crystals, and food.

Yes, you read that correctly.

Of course, we’re not talking bananas and gallons of milk. In true hipster fashion, Urban Outfitters’ selection of food is quirky (but sounds totally amazing!). From protein bars to matcha butter, here are six weird, but awesome, finds you need to add to your cart.

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NordicNordic Chaga Tea, $20 for 1.05 ounces (Image credit: Urban Outfitters)
  1. NordicNordic Chaga Tea, $20 for 1.05 ounces: With notes of cocoa and peppermint, this blend is like a peppermint patty in tea form. Urban Outfitters claims it’ll give you the jolt of energy you need to take on the day.
  2. Health Lab Probiotic Balls, $3 for 1.41 ounces: Health Lab believes beauty starts from within. Their chewy snacks feature gut-cleansing probiotics and other complexion-boosting ingredients.
  3. CAP Beauty The Matcha Coconut Butter, $26 for eight ounces: Love matcha so much that you want to smear it all over your toast? Well, now you can.
  4. Pearl Butter Raw + Organic Coconut Butter, $24 for eight ounces: Speaking of smearing stuff all over toast, Pearl Butter’s detoxifying “Dirty Butter” can supposedly improve your skin.
  5. Kalumi Beauty Food Collagen Protein Bar, $6 for 1.8-ounce bar: Available in three yummy flavors — Sweetie Pie, Lemon Love, and Cocoa Kiss — these protein bars will make for a great (albeit expensive!) midday snack.
  6. CAP Beauty Pink Mountain Salt, $22 for 16 ounces: We love pink Himalayan salt, and this one is fine enough that it can be used as regular ol’ seasoning or to rim a margarita glass. Plus, the packaging is pretty darn pretty.