Urban Outfitters’ New Kitchen Collection Is Here and Spring Has (Basically) Arrived!

updated Jan 7, 2020
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It may be winter outside, but at Urban Oufitters it sure feels like spring. The boho-chic retailer just unveiled its latest collection of kitchen essentials, and it’s full of pastels and patterns that are cheery enough to banish the winter blues. There are mugs in soft, muted tones, lunch boxes and jars sprinkled with spring blooms, and storage solutions made from natural materials like wood, bamboo, and jute. It’s all of the ingredients you need to give your kitchen a fresh, bright makeover without breaking the bank. We’ve highlighted 10 pretty and practical picks below, but be sure to check out the entire collection here!

1. Bamboozle 7-Piece Bowl Set

Bamboo-finished dinnerware and kitchen essentials are all the rage, and we’re loving this stylish seven-piece bowl set. Every bamboo bowl comes in a pretty pastel tone, plus it’s dishwasher-safe. Use the bowls for mixing batters, holding popcorn on movie nights, or storing leftovers.

Buy: Bamboozle 7-Piece Bowl Set, $70

2. Carla Rectangle Pegboard Set

Okay, Urban, we see you trying to infuse fun into everyday storage essentials. This versatile pegboard set includes 12 pegs and three shelves that you can customize and move around to keep that clutter off your countertops. There’s even a smaller version if you’re tight on wall space.

Buy: Carla Rectangle Pegboard Set, $129

3. Large Graphic Glass To-Go Container

If one of your New Year’s goals is bringing homemade lunch to work, then you’re probably on the hunt for a cute lunch box. This pretty glass to-go container is dotted with delicate flowers and a helpful divider to portion out meals. Plus, the lid clips ensure everything stays secure and in place. We’re even loving the round version (in pink!) with three roomy cubbies.

Buy: Large Graphic Glass To-Go Container, $18

4. Peekaboo Pup Pinch Bowl

The mundane act of sprinkling salt into simmering sauces, boiling pasta water, or scrambled eggs just got a lot cuter. Lift the floral-embossed stoneware lid, and say hello to this adorable pup that’s itching to greet you!

Buy: Peekaboo Pup Pinch Bowl, $10

5. Carla Sink Storage Shelf

Turn that wasted space over your sink into storage gold with this sleek shelf. Use the area underneath to store dish soap and scrubs, and use the shelf for cookbooks, chopping boards, and more!

Buy: Carla Sink Storage Shelf, $99

6. Basket Utensil Holder

Ah, the classic basketweave that instantly infuses a boho vibe into any space. We love that this chic utensil holder is roomy enough to contain multiple spoons and tools, plus the little hook is perfect if you want to save counter space and hang the basket on a hook or rod.

Buy: Basket Utensil Holder, $39

7. Bamboo Straw Set

This is the year we’re saying no to single-use plastic straws. UO has a stainless steel version that we loved last year, and their current bamboo version is pretty neat if you have kids or worry about the stainless steel hurting your gums. It comes with a tiny brush to keep things clean, and the cute pouch is perfect for those on the go.

Buy: Bamboo Straw Set, $12

8. Stojo Collapsible Water Bottle

If you skip out on carrying your stainless steel water bottle because it weighs a ton, this bottle from Stojo is both cute and totally practical. It collapses into a tiny cup size, and when extended into the full-size, it holds up to two-and-a-half cups of water.

Buy: Stojo Collapsible Water Bottle, $25

9. Floral Cat Teapot

Do we need another cat-themed kitchen accessory? Probably not. But do we want this adorable floral cat teapot sitting on our countertop? Absolutely! There’s even an incredibly sweet matching cat sugar bowl. And if we’re going with the whole feline theme here, we’re totally loving this tiger egg cup as well!

Buy: Floral Cat Teapot, $39

10. Hario Copper Pour-Over Coffee Dripper

If you’re not familiar with Hario, it’s a Japanese glassware company that makes the most sublime coffee and tea accessories, like this copper pour-over coffee dripper with ridged detailing. Prop it over any regular cup and you’re good to go!

Buy: Hario Copper Pour-Over Coffee Dripper, $60