10 Delightful Kitchen Finds from Urban Outfitters That Are All Under $50

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We like when stores experiment and go beyond their regular offerings to give us something a little unexpected. That’s what Urban Outfitters did years ago when they started selling home goods along with of-the-moment clothes and shoes, and now they’ve become a serious player in both the furniture and furnishings space. If you haven’t seen Urban Outfitters’ sofa and seating collection, it’s definitely going to surprise you; as will their gift options.

In the kitchen, UO has also made a name for itself as a place to find cool and perhaps peculiar tableware, utensils, and tools that help your dinner table stand out from the ordinary. All of Urban Outfitters‘ kitchen goods are hard workers — nothing is cheaply made or instantly breakable — so we feel really good about recommending these stylish and functional finds. And the best part? Each one is under $50, so you don’t have to spend a lot to get a lot. Check them out to see what kind of fun you can bring to your kitchen.

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Beloved by our editors and extremely reliable to keep you cool and hydrated all year round, this Stanley reusable water bottle is a must-have. And, to help yours stand out from all the other Stanleys in the world, UO lets you choose from chic matte and metallic colors.

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Urban Outfitters

Because this disco ball bottle opener (which is available in silver and pink color options) looks so fun, you can feel great about leaving it out on the table in between drinks — or even leaving it there permanently as a little decor piece. No more scrounging around in the silverware drawer for the bottle opener.

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Urban Outfitters

Sometimes the simplest details make an ordinary item extraordinary. With this ceramic dish, a swirling divider creates natural sections for different crudité snacks and dips so you can keep everything neat and fresh without any effort.

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Our managing commerce editor Tamara likes how this sleek lunch box set makes meal prep easy, and it's made all the better here with the inclusion of a free reusable utensil set. "This little luxury is also perfect for picnics or to use as food storage for leftovers," she wrote. Grab this food storage container bundle and become the envy of your coworkers.

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Urban Outfitters

Most coffee mugs merely hold your beverage. But this one that was by New York's Museum of Modern Art helps you make your coffee too, with helpful guidelines for different drinks. Now you'll always know you have the exact right amount of milk or hot water for your cafe au lait or americano.

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Besides their timeless style and gorgeous color options, the best thing about these classic baking dishes is that they work as both cookware and serveware. Sweet summer cobblers look stunning in these ceramic pieces, and in the fall, they'll be your favorite vessel for making hearty baked pasta dishes.

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Urban Outfitters

The easiest way to get tastier microwave popcorn at home is with one of these silicone popcorn poppers. Add your own favorite seasonings and toppings to make a snack that's way more delicious than the old bagged microwave popcorn. We recommend grabbing a few so that friends and family can indulge in their own creative popcorn creations.

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Doing something as simple as pouring snacks out of the bag and into a cute bowl makes the moment that much more pleasant — whether you're serving one person or a group of friends. These ramekins give your snacks the perfect backdrop and stack up in your cupboard to save space.

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Cutting boards aren't usually a place where people think to add color or style — which is what makes this abstract color block cutting board such a pleasant surprise. When you're done chopping it up on the matte wood side, you can flip it around and hang it on a wall or display it on your counter to spruce up your kitchen.

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Bring some color to your kitchen counters or dinner table with one of these speckled glass bowls. They make ideal fruit holders or small salad bowls, and they're available in two cheerful designs.