Urban Homesteading: What Does That Mean to You?

(Image credit: Apartment Therapy)

“Urban Homesteading” is a term we’ve been hearing in the news and around the web more and more often. What does this concept mean to you? Would you describe yourself as an urban homesteader?

To us, urban homesteading means finding a level of self-sufficiency no matter where we happen to be living.

It encompasses the pounds of winter squash and bags of potatoes currently lining our basement stairs as well as all the foods that we buy in bulk. Many of us in this community have also started canning and freezing to stretch out summer’s bounty and avoid buying expensive off-season fruits and vegetables during the winter.

It’s also in how we cook. Doing things like eating our meals at home and baking our own bread also give us a level of self-sufficiency. It’s knowing that our pantry is stocked and a good meal is never more than a few minutes away.

There’s also an aspect of global awareness. With our economy on the ropes and new concerns over commercial sources of food emerging every day, it makes a lot of sense to pull back and lower our impact. This has an immediate affect on how much money we’re spending on food every month and (hopefully) a long-term impact on global food issues.

But would we call ourselves urban homesteaders? Hmm…we’re not sure. To us, this isn’t just a trend. A lot of these steps toward self-sufficiency just seem logical and like the responsible thing to do. They’re habits that we hope to maintain long after our economy has recovered.

Plus we have no illusions – our great-grandparents were probably a lot more deserving of calling themselves homesteaders, urban or otherwise!

What do you think?

(Image: Flickr member sashamd licensed under Creative Commons)