Update on the Gâteau de Zoë

(Image credit: Apartment Therapy)

An update on the status of the Gâteau de Zoë… We attempted Pierre’s recipe this weekend and admit that it was a helluva lot better than the one we made, pulling guesses out of thin air, last weekend.

Once again, we served it to people who were at that original, unforgettable meal in Paris last month, and they hurrah’d and huzzah’d at how delicious and spot-on it was. After they left, as Maxwell was digging into his second piece, he said to me “Sweetie, it really is quite good, but if you want to know what I really think, it’s not quite there yet.”

I just love when he eggs me on.

Here’s the recipe, as written by Pierre. Use the best chocolate possible, strong espresso, and beat those “egg yellows” (yolks) with the sugar for longer than you think.