Unwelcome Ingredients: How Do You Deal with Pet Hair?

Unwelcome Ingredients: How Do You Deal with Pet Hair?

Emma Christensen
Jun 7, 2010

We love our pets. We love good food. We do not, however, love pet hair in our food. Warm summer weather means a shedding free-for-all for many of our beloved pets, and we're having some trouble keeping the fur-factor to a minimum. Any suggestions for how to deal?

My husband and I adopted two adorable cats last fall. We were prepared to deal with some amount of fur, but all the shedding this summer really caught us off guard. Where does it all come from?!

My strategy so far has been to always put on a clean apron over my shed-upon clothes and give the counters an extra wipe down before starting to cook anything. Toothpicks and paper towels are handy for snagging the stray hair that seems to make its way into a prep bowl. We also give our cats a good brushing (when we can corner them into it) to try and catch as much as hair as we can before it wafts its way into the kitchen.

But other than this, my husband and I are just resigned to the inevitable. It's not very appetizing to find a cat hair in your stir-fry, but this is part of the package when you welcome furry creatures into your home. To us, it's an acceptable trade-off for snuggles and purrs.

What are your thoughts?

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(Image: Emma Christensen)

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