Unusual (and Maybe Helpful) Kitchen Tools

(Image credit: Apartment Therapy)

Kitchen tools are a dime a dozen these days and there really is a tool for every kitchen task. Most of us don’t have any need for those tools when there’s a fork or spoon handy. So, are these tools unusually helpful or just unusual?

If you’re bored of buying tofu in the store you can easily make it at home (cheese too!) with the TofuXpress. Or maybe you’re looking to get rid of the excess utensils that are piling up so you’re replacing them all with the All In One Kitchen Tool. Just starting out in your new place or looking for the next new thing? The Mix n’ Chop is certainly a new kid on the block!

Are these tools unusually helpful or just unusual?

Blossom Trivet, $9.95-$28.00 at Daily Grommet
TofuXpress, $39.95 at TofuXpress
Kitchen Tool, Concept at Studio Dreimann
All In One Kitchen Tool, $8.95 at Gent Supply Co.
Mix n’ Chop, $10.50 at Pampered Chef

(Images: Daily Grommet, TofuXpress, Studio Dreimann, Gent Supply Co., Pampered Chef)