Unexpectedly Useful: 3 Uses for a Turkey Baster

published Mar 30, 2011
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(Image credit: Apartment Therapy)

A bulb turkey baster is not the most elegant of kitchen tools, but it does have its uses! Here are the big three we can think of. Do you know of others?

1. Basting…Of Course – While basting a turkey may conjure images from 1970’s print ads for new ovens, basting is still alive and well in kitchens today! Here’s how to do it properly, along with basting schedules for turkeys, chickens, and other roasts.

2. Degreasing Sauces – This is a personal favorite technique and makes separating the sauce from the grease a quick and easy task.

3. Pancake Shapes – Whether you have kids or not, we think making silly pancake shapes with a turkey baster is a super-fun way to start the day. A turkey baster is also useful for making uniformly shaped pancake rounds or dispersing waffle batter over the hot waffle iron.

We also love the idea of using a turkey baster to infuse fruit with vodka, as one commenter suggests in this thread on vodka-infused watermelons. We imagine this would cause far fewer spills than the funnel method.

Any other tips for using a turkey baster in the kitchen?