Emma's Unexpected Favorite: Ove Gloves

Emma's Unexpected Favorite: Ove Gloves

Emma Christensen
Apr 1, 2011

I teased my mother mercilessly for years about buying Ove Gloves and displaying them proudly from hooks in her kitchen. "They're great! So handy!" she claimed, while I snickered and grabbed a potholder. And then she gave me a pair for Christmas.

At first I groaned and rolled my eyes. And then I jokingly put them on and did a little mime routine. And then I actually used them.

You guys! Ove Gloves are great! So handy!

Seriously, of all the ridiculous "as seen on TV" products out there, these Ove Gloves are worth their weight in gold. Or at least $15.99 plus shipping and handling.

There are so many awkward things that we take in and out of ovens. Oven mitts are like bulky lobster claws and potholders don't always protect our pinky fingers (or the backs of our hands from the oven roof, for that matter).

Ove Gloves really allow you to manage heavy pots and pans much much more easily. They make grabbing the tiny little knob on the top of a scorching hot casserole dish a snap. They allow you to actually curl your fingers around the handles. They help you grip pans that don't have good gripping edges, like loaf pans and cake tins. They never get hot and they can be tossed in the wash when they get dirty.

I will never mock my mother again about her Ove Gloves. Though I still occasionally do mime impersonations in my kitchen.

Find It! Ove Gloves, $15.99 (plus shipping and handling) from the As Seen on TV Official Website

Have you also fallen for the Ove Glove?

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(Image: Emma Christensen)

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