One Thing You Should Start Storing Under Your Kitchen Sink

One Thing You Should Start Storing Under Your Kitchen Sink

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As I try to be more eco-friendly in general, and in the kitchen in particular, one thing I'm trying to do is eliminate paper towels from my repertoire. I've made them less of a habit by keeping them under the sink instead of on the countertop. While I am using fewer paper towels, it means using other things more frequently, like my dish towels and microfiber cloths.

If you're using a rag (let's just call it like it is) to mop up spills and wipe down countertops instead of a paper towel, it's going to get wet and dirty. Wet and dirty enough that you should only use it for a day, maybe two, before it needs to be cleaned. But those damp rags can't just sit in the hamper getting everything else all damp and mildew-y. And I'm not about to start doing mini loads of laundry to clean these things as they get dirty.

I finally found the solution while combing through I Heart Organizing, one of my favorite sites for cleaning and organizing inspiration. There, Jen shared a little tip that was a lightbulb moment for me: Keep a bag under your kitchen sink for the rags.

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Jen uses a chic wet bag (the kind you use to transport wet swimsuits home after the beach or pool) for her rags. The key is to create a zone where these damp, dirty rags can live until you have enough for a load of wash, where they won't contaminate other items. And since they're in a bag, you can just dump them out and throw the bag in the wash, too, so you don't have to worry about your holder getting mildewy over time, either.

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Don't want to buy something special just for this task? You can use a small laundry basket or a plastic bucket — just look to see what you have on hand. You just need something that can hold the cloths until you have a pile that's big enough to warrant a load of laundry.

I love ideas like this that make my good intentions even easier to implement! What do you think?

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