This Luxe Olive Oil Dipping Set is the Best Thing I Added to My Kitchen and Now I’m Gifting It to Everyone I Know

published Mar 5, 2024
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dipping oil in bowl
Credit: Photo: Andrew Bui; Food Styling: Jessie YuChen

If there’s one thing that was always on the dinner table growing up, it was olive oil. About half an hour before dinner was ready, my mom would come floating through the saloon-style swinging doors of our kitchen (what can I say, my dad’s a big John Wayne fan) to place down two plates: one with pieces of fresh, delicately cut bread and one with an olive oil dip. It became a ritual everyone in the family looked forward to, and to this day, when I’m with her I watch with wonder as she collects her spices and begins pinching and sprinkling her herbs like an apothecary creating a delicate tincture.

In something that I’m sure comes as no surprise, I’ve become an olive oil #stan, too. I’m always experimenting with oils from different regions and new herbs and spices to create my mixtures, and nothing has made it more fun (or easy) than the Olive Oil Dipping Set from Uncommon Goods. In fact, it’s become so beloved that I’ve gifted it to many people, including, yes, my parents.

What is the Uncommon Goods Olive Oil Dipping Gift Set?

This gift set is the ultimate treat for olive oil aficionados. A trio of goodies, it comes with six hand-selected seasonings from Uncommon Goods’ best-selling Gourmet Oil Dipping Spice Kit (15 spices if you opt for the deluxe set!), a bottle of Garcia de la Cruz organic extra virgin olive oil made in Spain, and a pair of UG’s best-selling olive oil dipping plates: two gorgeous pieces of stoneware conveniently divided into two sections for bread and a few glugs of oil.

Credit: Uncommon Goods
The Deluxe Uncommon Goods Olive Oil Dipping Gift Set

Why I Love the Uncommon Goods Olive Oil Dipping Gift Set

When I first opened this set, I immediately smiled because I felt … home. Being that my family is from Spain, I was already a fan of Garcia de la Cruz olive oil, so having that be the first thing I pulled made it feel like this set was custom-made for me. As I then looked over the spice set I was floored — not only at the selection but at the sizes of the tins (each tin features a generous 1.5 ounces of spice). With everything from smoked paprika and marjoram to Za’atar and Herbs de Provence blends, I’m not ashamed to say I was practically drooling, dear reader. But the thing that really took it over the top was the plates. These gorgeous speckled plates are the ultimate tapas plates and elevate the whole experience to the next level.

As I poured the oil, created my blend, and took a bite of the freshly dipped bread, I closed my eyes and was instantly transported to the warmth of my childhood home. After that, I picked up the phone, FaceTimed my parents, and told them to be on the lookout for a scrumptious surprise in the mail. Now, we can recreate those childhood memories whenever we want — even with 1,200 miles separating us.

Uncommon Goods’ Olive Oil Dipping Set comes in two sizes: sampler and deluxe. While both sets come with the olive oil and plates, the sampler comes with six spice blends and the deluxe comes with 15. No matter which size set you can go with, I can guarantee you it’ll be a good time (I’ve gifted it four times at this point!) After all, what’s better than gathering around a table with people (and olive oil) that you love?