8 Grilling Finds from Uncommon Goods You Never Knew You Needed

published Jun 23, 2023
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Credit: Shelly Westerhausen

If there’s one stop you should make for all of your outdoor dining and entertaining needs, it should be Uncommon Goods. Of course, the retailer is perfect if you want a novelty gift for nearly any occasion imaginable, but some of their items are so niche and particular that you would’ve never thought you needed them. But believe me, once you hear about them, there’s no getting these products out of your head until you get your hands on them. (Which has been the case for me with the brand’s amazing outdoor popcorn popper.)

The unique finds at Uncommon Goods extend beyond artsy gifts and into the realm of innovative kitchen essentials. The retailer has a number of grilling tools that fall into this category, and they’re guaranteed to make your cooking experience just that much more enjoyable — and easier. Summer is in full swing, and hosting a cookout in your backyard for friends and family is already a great time, but with these tools added to your collection, it’ll go even smoother. Read on for eight items that you should add to your cart ASAP!

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Uncommon Goods

As an alternative to skewers, this basket set is perfect if you’re making meals for people with different preferences (one basket can be for the vegetarians in the group, for instance, and another for the meat lovers). Over 400 reviewers granted this set five stars: “So useful. Helps eliminate any use of aluminum foil for kabobs. Love the basket shape, allows for easy use and keeps vegetables in place even after they are cooked and softened,” one wrote.

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Uncommon Goods

This device will allow you to warm up your tortillas on the grill, letting you get the perfect toasted effect. Just load up to four tacos on the rack, pop it on the grill, and let it warm up — and afterwards, since it keeps the tacos upright, it doubles as a serving stand!

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Uncommon Goods

This quesadilla grill basket is rated five stars for a good reason — customers love how easy it is to use and how great the final product turns out. If you’ve never thought about making quesadillas outside before, this lightweight, well-made product will open up new doors when it comes to outdoor meal-making possibilities.

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Uncommon Goods

Several reviewers noted this stainless-steel set gave off a shockingly bright light, which is built into the tongs' and spatula's handles. “This is really great for a camping trip, when you aren't sure about the lighting situation for your grill,” a reviewer said. “Sturdy and well-made!”

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Uncommon Goods

Space can get a little short when you’re cooking for a lot of people, and these handy magnetic spice holders are the perfect solution, keeping them where you can see them. The holders come pre-labeled, too, with one etched with an S for salt, an R for rubs, and a G for the pepper grinder.

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Uncommon Goods

Talk about something you never knew you needed: This ingenious tool is both a pepper mill and a flashlight, which is ideal for when your cookouts extend to after the sun goes down. The light only turns on when it’s tilted and can be turned on and off about 20,000 times before a battery change is needed.

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Uncommon Goods

Pizza on the grill? Yes, please. After placing on all of your toppings, you can put your pizza on the eight-inch platform and cover it with the lid, and the oven is ready to go on the grill. Your personal-sized pizza will be ready in no more than 10 minutes, which sounds almost too good to be true — if nearly 20 five-star reviews didn't back it up.

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Uncommon Goods

The grommeted edges of these nifty grill bags will keep your veggie slices and other small pieces from falling through the grill’s slats. And, it minimizes the mess, which is always a bonus.