The Incredibly Chic Organizer That’ll Corral All Your Kitchen Tools In Seconds — No Drilling Needed

published Jun 22, 2022
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When it comes to organizing your kitchen — especially in a small space — the countertops can be a particularly pesky culprit. They’re often the first place to get messy if you’re short on cabinet space and they can immediately visually clog up your kitchen if things aren’t returned to their rightful place.

Beyond that, they necessitate a unique find when it comes to scoring the right organizational solution to keep your counters in tip-top shape. Of course, function is right up there at the top of the wishlist, but if you’re anything like us, form is also a significant consideration. After all, whatever gadget you choose to help organize your kitchen countertop is something you’re going to have to stare at daily, so it might as well be as pretty as possible.

In short, finding a countertop organizer that is stylish and functional is no walk in the park. That could explain why we were so excited to stumble upon the Anywhere Kitchen Tension Organizer from Umbra. Billed as a modern and sleek solution to countertop clutter, this innovative piece is the perfect way to make sense of organizing your countertop, especially if you’re a renter and are wary of a more permanent storage solution.

Designed with customizable storage in mind, this telescoping kitchen tension system incorporates a dynamic array of organizational solutions, from a multi-use caddy and hanging trays to twelve hooks.  Both the width and height of the piece are adjustable, taking the organizer from 15 inches to 20 inches tall and 15 inches to 24 inches (!!) wide. The best part? You’ll need zero tools to install this baby and there are soft grip pads at each end, so you can use it without worrying about scratching your counters or cabinets.

Upon first glance, it’s pretty easy to see why this Umbra organizer is such a win — there’s literally a spot for everything that’s probably currently clogging up your countertops. You can hang your most-used cooking utensils from the hooks (including bulkier items like a mesh strainer or measuring cups), and store your go-to oils and spices on the tiered shelves to keep them easily in reach during meal prep. The utensil caddy at the end adds even more storage for your tools, but it can also be used to house other cooking must-haves, like tasting utensils, a mini cutting board, microfiber cloth, apron, and more.

We aren’t the only ones who love this handy invention, either. Reviewers rave about its sleek appeal and customizable nature, with one happy customer calling the gadget the “a home renters dream!” Says another reviewer, “This is the best kitchen gadget for keeping items you use often ready to grab. I love how it looks on the counter and how much it holds. I keep it near the stove with my most used utensils and salt and pepper, etc. and I love that I just easily grab what I need without rummaging through drawers. Such a smart invention and would definitely be great if you are short on drawer or cabinet space too.”

While $50 may feel a bit steep for a countertop organizer, we can pretty much guarantee this durable metal display will totally transform the way you view your countertops — and your kitchen. You can thank us later!