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This Recipe for the Ultimate Salmon Melt Needs to Be Added to This Week’s Lunch Menu

published Feb 21, 2022
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salmon roasting on a sheet pan
Credit: Brittany Conerly

When I was growing up, summers at my grandma’s house always included her delicious grilled cheese sandwiches and her cheesy tuna melts. The flaky, buttery toast combined with the hearty tuna salad and gooey melted cheese was always the precursor to a great afternoon nap. As I’ve matured, however, so has my palate and my love for tuna has been eclipsed by my love for salmon.

So, imagine my excitement when Chef Timo Dickson, @timoskee on Instagram, shared his recipe for the ultimate salmon melt. Mixing my love of salmon with the nostalgic feelings of eating a cheesy melt? This definitely piqued my interest. 

This gourmet sandwich is sure to be a go-to favorite for those in search of something quick and flavorful. To begin, it’s important to season the salmon, as that will be your main flavor profile. In a bowl, add black pepper, garlic powder, and Old Bay to your salmon and rub the seasonings on both sides of the fish. Next, place a skillet on medium-low heat and add butter. Once the butter is melted, add both green and white onions to sauté for a few minutes before placing your salmon on top of the sautéed mix and adding more butter. Allow the salmon to cook for 11 to 14 minutes on medium-low heat.

While the salmon is cooking, in a separate pan, it’s time to prepare your bread. You’ll start by melting butter and while on medium-low heat, allow the first side of the Texas toast to brown for three to four minutes before flipping to the other side. Add more butter and repeat the process.

After your bread is done and your salmon starts to cook through, break the salmon into pieces while still in the pan using the utensil of your choice. Once the salmon is just about finished, add slices of muenster cheese, Havarti cheese, and mozzarella cheese. As the cheese is melting, mix the salmon and cheese together in the pan. Once it’s cooked, scoop some of your salmon and cheese mix onto one slice of your toast in a pan. Then add another slice of muenster cheese before topping with the remaining slice of your toast. Let the cheese melt and then take it out of the pan and enjoy. 

If you’re a fan of this delicious twist on a classic, you’ll also want to check out this delicious squash and tuna melt casserole dish. And for my vegetarian friends, this recipe for the ultimate Trader Joe’s grilled cheese definitely deserves your attention, too.