Udderly Delicious Drinks: Colorful Cow Combinations

(Image credit: Apartment Therapy)

We’ll try almost any drink once, especially those boasting a scoop of silky ice cream. These Colorful Cows are just what the doctor summer ordered, and they would be a great way feature the fresh fruits of the season.

In the past we’ve looked at a few coolers, floats, and cows but these extra-pretty versions are from the team over at Martha Stewart. Even if you claim to not be a fan of ice cream, or color, or drinks even, we don’t think you can resist the allure of at least a sip or two!

Combine fruit syrups or a reduction with a bit of seltzer and a few scoops of ice cream and you’ll be all set for a cooling summer treat. It will make you the hit of the party if you’re entertaining or just the coolest spouse/parent/friend ever if you’re spending a quiet night at home.

Get the recipe: Colorful Cows at Martha Stewart