Uber’s New Group Grocery Option Is Making Summer Parties Much Easier

published May 18, 2023
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From a ride-sharing app to a food delivery service, the convenience and reliability of Uber’s services have helped cement the company as an integral part of our culture and community. The company has grown so popular that society has even changed the way in which we use the word “uber.” No longer just an adjective to describe things of excess, both “ubering” and “to uber” are now commonly-used verbs describing how people and things are getting around.

I, for one, am a big fan and big-time user of both the Uber and UberEats apps. I subscribe to every promotion, and link all my travel accounts in order to collect as many rewards and as much UberCash as possible. So, I was very excited to hear about Uber’s newest addition to their suite of services with Uber Group Grocery.

This enhanced feature is a total grocery delivery game-changer and is sure to be a hit this summer. Perfect for parties, cookouts, or just completing large orders for the family, Uber’s new Group Grocery options will make shopping easier by allowing each group member to add their own items to a shared shopping cart, and having that cart dropped off at the chosen location with one delivery. Additionally, Group Grocery has the option to take that shared order and split the bill, only charging each member for what they personally added to the card. Ingenious!

With Group Grocery, gone will be the days of shopping around friends’ and family members’ dietary restrictions, making second trips to the store for forgotten items, or deciding between brands of anyone’s favorite food. Uber has come through with a service to make grocery shopping and party planning that much easier. I’ll probably even be giving it a try myself when I go grocery shopping for my barbecue this Memorial Day weekend.