Two Thumbs Up: Spices In the Drawer

Two Thumbs Up: Spices In the Drawer

Faith Durand
Sep 9, 2008

Our new kitchen is small and limited, and it has less drawer storage than our last kitchen. And yet there is one drawer exactly where we need it.

It's under the counter that holds the KitchenAid and the cupboards that hold the flour, sugar, and other baking necessities. It's now become our spice drawer!

Here are a few arguments in favor of putting your spices in a drawer instead of in a cupboard, on a rack, or on a backsplash in magnetic jars (as we did in our old place).

  1. A drawer protects from heat and light very well - just as well as a cupboard and better than an open storage rack.

  2. I am very short, and was forever losing key spices in the dark regions of my cupboards because I couldn't see up there. A drawer is easier to reach into and I can see everything at a glance.

  3. Spices tend to be messy. Even the best storage options often result in a thin layer of chile powder or cinnamon on the cupboard shelf. The drawer is easier to clean; in fact, the whole thing can be lifted out and washed from time to time.

  4. A drawer like this one may even have enough space to store jars in the front and bulk bags of spices in the back.

  5. In the flow of baking it's easier to open a drawer than rummage around in a cupboard; everything feels more accessible when it's waist-high.

OK, some of these reasons may be idiosyncratic to my 5-foot-nothing self, but really - this spice drawer has already been very helpful. If you have room in your kitchen to keep your spices in a drawer, it's highly recommended - especially if you cook with spice frequently.

We recommended the IKEA DROPPAR jars earlier today; they fit perfectly in this drawer.

Where do you keep your spices? Does a drawer work best for you? Or do you prefer the cupboard, the wall, or a rack? Tell us what you think works best!

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(Images: Faith Hopler)

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