Two Is Company: What Are Your Favorite Ingredient Pair-Ups?

(Image credit: Apartment Therapy)

I’ve been having a love affair during breakfast. It took me by surprise, actually. We’d hung around together for years, dabbled a bit here and there, but one morning a few weeks ago it just clicked. I’m talking about avocado with eggs on toast. The egg yolk must be runny, the avocado salted. Two ingredients, delicious on their own, but revelatory together. This got me thinking: what other foods follow this pattern?

Cooking is usually not a duo affair—clearly, most recipes require more than two ingredients—but it’s nice to know you can start with little, add little, and still come up with something great. Here are a few other food pair-ups I adore, in no particular order:

• Tahini and miso
• Ricotta and honey
• Arugula and pumpkin seeds
• Onions and mushrooms
• Brussels sprouts and parmesan
• Mint and maple syrup
• Beets and goat cheese
• Coffee and cream
• Fresh corn and tomatoes

What are your favorite pair-ups? Tell us what makes your tastebuds sing!

(Images: Left: Megan Gorgon; Right: Emma Christensen)