Two Gourmet Meals with Spanish LentilsMetropolitan Home

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We ate a lot of bad lentils growing up. They were so often mushy and gluey, and the faint greenish brown color didn’t exactly help when it came to enticing a kid to dig in. Those memories have kept us from eating a lot of lentils as adults.

But these recipes may change that. Because how enticing does that bowl to the left look? The lentils are fresh and firm, and the cheese, ham, and poached egg laid gracefully over the top look fantastic.

Read more about this particular type of Spanish lentil and get two recipes below…

These lentils are called Pardinas, and while they are Spanish in origin, they’re mostly grown in the Northwest United States. According to the article in Metropolitan Home, they have a deep, nutty flavor and a firm texture that holds up well in cooking.

We love the ingredients that are paired with the Pardinas. One recipe calls for cooking them in chicken broth with vegetables and an herb sachet, then topping them with truffle oil, pata negra (or Serrano) ham, cheese, and a poached egg. We know how well lentils go with pork, and all of these rich, salty flavors sound divine.

The other recipe is a lentil salad with spinach, goat cheese, and smoked paprika—again, there’s creamy, spicy, smoky, and green, all in one bowl. Anything but boring.

Read the article and get the recipes: Weekend Kitchen: Spanish Lentils

We think both of these dishes are great transitions into fall.

(Image: Marcus Nilsson/Metropolitan Home)