These Are the 10 Most-Tweeted Food Emojis of 2017

(Image credit: vladimir_karpenyuk/Getty Images)

Emojis make social media so much more fun. We can even write recipes with emojis. We’ve come so far since the emoticons of the 1990s, made with strings of punctuation that resembled faces if you looked at them sideways. The smiling, winking, and sticking-tongue-out faces were fun, but there was no way to send a sushi roll or a slice of pizza. Now we can send our friends little pictures of food whenever we want, and it turns out that’s really useful.

No longer do we have to type out the word “pizza” to ask our friends out. We can just text an emoji and a question mark. Emojis are especially useful on Twitter because using a sushi emoji only takes up one character, while writing out “sushi” takes five.

Twitter just released its annual statistics for 2017, and food is one of the main things people have been talking about on the platform. It’s the eighth most-searched-for topic when new users sign up and look for accounts to follow, and there are more than 100 million tweets about food every month. Of course, a lot of those tweets include emojis.

There are 2,667 emojis available, and 97 of them have something to do with food or drink. The most popular food emoji used on Twitter in 2017 was the pizza slice, which makes sense. Pizza is one of the most popular foods in the world, and people are eating more and more of it every year.

Of course, some of the food emojis, like the eggplant and the peach, have taken on very grown-up double meanings, for mature audiences only. Those are pretty popular too, so it’s a little surprising that neither appeared in the top 10 list this year.

Here are the top 10 food emojis of 2017, according to Twitter.

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