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Twitter Is Freaking Out Over This Egg Yolk Cappuccino

published Dec 2, 2017
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(Image credit: @InsiderFood/ Twitter)

As Instagram continues to drive chefs and baristas to create madcap menu items, we’ve seen our fair share of creative coffee concoctions — ranging from illy’s fizzy “espressoda” that combines sparkling water with concentrated iced coffee to Starbucks’ over-the-top neon unicorn frappuccino. But nothing has been as head-scratching as the latest morning cup to take over Twitter: an egg yolk cappuccino.

After INSIDER posted a 90-second video of the egg-based drink, Twitter users went wild with crazed, confused, and intrigued reactions. Weeks after its original posting on November 6, the onslaught of responses wouldn’t stop, prompting Twitter to give the cappuccino its very own moment in the spotlight.

The seemingly peculiar drink is served at Round K, a coffee shop in New York City’s Lower East Side that specializes in 1950s-style Korean coffees. And the egg cappuccino is just that — a twist on a traditional egg coffee from 1960s Korea, which people drank to feel more satiated in the morning.

Created by owner Ockhyeon Byeon, the egg cappuccino is made by whisking an egg yolk into strongly brewed espresso and topping it with hand-whipped cream. It’s finished with a dusting of cocoa powder. The result is a super silky cappuccino that Byeon says “focuses on the quality of the coffee and its flavor.”

When you think about it, this concept isn’t that strange. Countless cocktails call for egg whites and sometimes an entire egg to give them a velvety or frothy finish, including whiskey flips, pisco sours, the famous Ramos Gin Fizz, and many more.

Plus, those who’ve tried the drink say it’s creamier than a traditional latte or cappuccino and that the egg helps to mellow out the espresso’s strong bitter notes. But we want to know: Would you give it a whirl? Or is this something you’d pass on?