Twinings Changes Earl Grey Recipe: Tea Lovers Outraged

published Aug 31, 2011
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Imagine picking up a box of Earl Grey tea bags at your local store and brewing a cup, as you have for many years. You bring the steamy beverage to your lips and realize something is wrong. Did someone replace your favorite tea with dishwater? That’s (literally!) what some Brits are saying about Twinings’ new Earl Grey recipe, launched in UK in April. Read on for the incredible comments from outraged tea drinkers.

Twinings relaunched their classic Earl Grey tea as a new brand, The Earl Grey, with extra bergamot and citrus. Reactions have been strong, to say the least. The Daily Mail UK explains,

“Dozens of angry tea drinkers have posted complaints about the new flavour on the company’s website since the new brand was launched in April.

One wrote: ‘I cannot describe how awful this new tea tastes. The old award-winning tea was in a completely different league to this foul-tasting dishwater.’

Others have simply described the new product as ‘horrid’, ‘vile’ and ‘an affront to tea’.

One wrote: ‘I agree with the other posts here that the new Earl Grey is an awful disappointment!

‘Bring back the old recipe that was refreshing and flavoursome.'”

Sounds pretty bad to us!

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