Skillets & Mandolines: 13 Chefs Share Their Favorite Tools The Daily Meal

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This month has been all about favorite kitchen tools, and who better to consult than our favorite chefs!

The Daily Meal recently asked Gabrielle Hamilton, Jehangir Mehta, and 11 other chefs what tools they would take with them to a deserted island.

Their answers? Well, take a look.

We love Gabrielle Hamilton’s response of “my two hands.” Not only do we totally agree, but this also feels very much in keeping with Hamilton’s personality and cooking style.

We also chuckled over Jehangir Mehta’s inclusion of an ice cream maker. For those who followed his season on The Next Iron Chef, you’ll remember Mehta’s almost daily attempts to integrate ice cream into his dishes – often to his own chagrin.

Cast-iron skillets were also a frequent contender to go to the deserted island. And while tweezers and an immersion circulator wouldn’t be on our list, we’d certainly enjoy eating the dinners they help create.

What five tools would you take to a deserted island?

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