TV Food Drama: Pushing Daisies

TV Food Drama: Pushing Daisies

Joanna Miller
Oct 18, 2008

2008_10_18-pushing-daisies1.jpg Honey was a hot topic around here this week, so we couldn't help but mention the fabulous, over-the-top honey-related story lines on ABC's "forensic fairy tale" drama, "Pushing Daisies."

The facts are these ...

Lonely tourist Charlotte "Chuck" Charles was killed on a cruise ship but brought back to life by her childhood neighbor Ned, now a piemaker, who has the ability to bring people back from the dead by touching them, which is supposed to be temporary – if he doesn't touch them again in 60 seconds and send them back to being dead, someone else in close proximity will die in their place. With Chuck, he sacrificed a corrupt funeral home director to allow her to live.

Oh, and he accidentally killed Chuck's father back when they were kids when his mother suddenly died and, not realizing his powers and their ramifications, he brought her back to life, only to kill her again later with a fatal last touch. Now, Ned and Chuck work together at his pie shop, The Pie Hole, and in their spare time, use his powers to solve murder mysteries. They're also in love, but can never touch, lest he send her back to the grave.

Got all that? Good.

Chuck is an avid beekeeper with a rooftop hive, although her colony has recently died. (Perhaps victims of Colony Collapse Disorder?) Of course, Ned brings them back to life. In the season two premiere, she puts her skills to use to help solve the murder of a Betty's Bees beauty products spokesgirl who was, of course, stung to death by a bee-wearing man. To do so, she and Ned go undercover at the company, working in its fabulously honey-themed offices. (Check out the honeycomb desk!)

Ultimately, they find the culprit – the owner of Betty's Bees' top competitor – and it's back to the Pie Hole for a slice, and inevitably more fantastical drama.

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