Turntable Kitchen: Pairing Recipes with Music

(Image credit: Apartment Therapy)

Do you make playlists for important meals? It’s always something I intend to do, but abandon at the last minute in favor of letting Pandora put music together for me. Well, there’s a blog that does the next best thing: pair music directly with recipes!

Turntable Kitchen does just that: with every recipe they feature, they include a link to a song, playable right from the site. How exactly does a recipe for tortilla soup, for example, pair with Moves from The New Pornographers? Kasey and Matthew, the couple behind the site, look to inspire food and music lovers alike.

Recipes are more than the standard fare, ranging from Roasted Cornish Hens with Sumac-Ginger Butter to Cardamom Buns. And the music reflects artists new and old like The Vagrants, Los Jardines de Bruselas, and We Are Trees, Kasey and Matthew have come across and want to share. It’s easy to listen to the music right from the site and they even have a page devoted to mix collections.

What’s your favorite food/music pairing?

• Check it out: Turntable Kitchen

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